Intel Education Initiative in India

Intel Education Initiative in India This article provide insight into Intel Education initiative program in India.

Intel works with Government and other decision making bodies in Central, state and local levels to improve teaching and learning in educational environments in India.

Some of the key initiatives added to education environment are

  • Effective use of Technology
  • Creating enthusiasm for Science and Math
  • Inspire students and expand their knowledge base
  • Bringing technology expertise to Universities
Intel has many programs in learning and teaching under this education initiative. The programs are

K-12 Education

Through this initiative more than million teachers are trained to bring cutting edge technology, tools and resources into classrooms. This program is known as Intel@Teach program.

Education Beyond Classrooms

Thousands of under-served children have already taken advantage of this program which takes place after school under community education programs.Intel has collaborated with Govts and Community organization for this program which imparts education in technology and skills. This program targets the students who have limited technology access in their schools and home.
Science competitions
Intel organize Science competitions through
  • Organizing Science and Engineering Fairs, and
  • Initiative for Research and Innovation in Science
This program is focussed on study of science, Maths and Research.

Higher Education

Intel has collaborated with Governments and Universities worldwide with focus on following areas
  • Research and Entrepreneurship in technical degrees,
  • Mentoring to shape up the college technology in form of research grant, entrepreneurship forums.
IIT Kanpur is identified as focus school for this program in India.

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  1. It's a great initiative.Our government is planing new policies with the help of these big IT companies will surely change the scenario.Because these companies work ideology is superb and they have immense resources so by the points which you have mentioned like effective use of Technology ,creating enthusiasm for Science and Math,inspire students and expand their knowledge base and bringing technology expertise to Universities,this effort will surely pay off.