Council of Scientific and Industrial Research-CSIR

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is the premier industrial Research and Development organization in India. It was constituted on 1942 by a resolution passed in Central Legislative assembly. 
CSIR is an autonomous body registered as per Registration of societies act 1860. CSIR comes under
 Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, under Department of Science and TechnologyGovt. of India. CSIR is funded by Central Government and is the largest Research and Development organization which is public funded with vast experienced scientific manpower.
CSIR headquarter is situated in DelhiPrime Minister of India governs CSIR as its President. Normally the Minister of Science and technology is Vice PresidentDirector General of CSIR is selected amongst senior scientists from CSIR laboratories across India who heads all the child organizations under CSIR.
CSIR has more than 28000 employees of which 75% are working in Research and Development.
CSIR has 38 research and development laboratories and 80 field stations in almost all parts of India. Below image shows the full CSIR network of its R&D laboratories.
(CSIR Network: image courtesy:CSIR official website) 
Focus Areas
These laboratories are focused on almost all scientific and Industrial areas, which are boroadly divided into following fields(Check focus area of individual labs and their locations)
Ø Biological sciences
Ø Chemical Sciences
Ø Engineering sciences
Ø Physical sciences
Ø Information sciences
CSIR has presence in almost all industrial sectors such as Aerospace, Biotechnology, Chemicals, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Food and Food processing,Minerals and Manufacturing to name a few.
Career opportunities
  • RAB
CSIR is having "Recruitment and Assessment Board"(RAB) which carries out all recruitment level exercises to recruit Scientists and assessments of scientists.
  • HRDG
Human Resource Development Group(HRDG) offers Fellowship/Associateship at Junior and Senior levels, conducts National Eligibility Test(NET) and conducts "CSIR Programme on Youth for Leadership in Science (CPYLS)" which aims to attract best school students towards Science.
Intellectual Properties
CSIR is pioneer in IP and Patent generation and has a proven track record in technologies and Innovation. Of the 229 US Patents granted to Indian inventors in 2004-05, CSIR has 140 which is 61% of total. If foreign assignees are also considered along with Indian inventors CSIR share is still 28.3%.
CSIR-Tech is CSIR company aims to commercialize CSIR technologies and IPs with starting start-up enterprises. Read my article on CSIR-Tech which gives full insight into it.
CSIR has joined hands with Worlds scientific talent to establish alliances and sharing knowledge and creating Universal knowledge pool. CSIR has private-public partnerships and business agreements.

Contribution to Society
In 1970 when all requests to multinationals company by India to set up the manufacturing facility to produce baby milk food products were turned down, CSIR develops the process to manufacture buffalo milk to produce baby food.
Since India did not have enough cow's milk and buffalo milk was not suitable for baby food as it has too much fat, CSIR process has sown the seeds of industry in India.
The process developed has excellent digestibility and handed over to Kaira Milk Producers Cooperative limited which started producing baby food using this process. 

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